'Rainbow Bat'
'Rainbow Bat'
An artwork of 'Rainbow Bat'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Dark cerise?
Hair *Grayish versions:
  • Grayish-light brilliant red
  • Grayish-light brilliant vermillion
  • Grayish-sap green
  • Grayish-cornflower blue
  • Grayish-violet
Skin *Grayish-very light cerulean
Voiced by Ashley Berrand (only grunts and makes noises)
Age  ????
Residence Unknown
Singing voice Unknown
Position Unknown
'Rainbow Bat' is the vampire fruit bat form of 'Rainbow Dash'.

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Used on: Human counterparts of every pony in Equestria.
  • Power (s) Given: Flight (not necessarily), greediness, supersonic sonar (or whatever)



More coming soon!