'Rainbow Dash'
149px-'Rainbow Dash' EqG Full Body
'Rainbow Dash'
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Moderate cerise
Hair *Rainbow colors
  • Light brilliant red
  • Light brilliant vermillion
  • Light gold
  • Moderate sap green
  • Light cornflower blue
  • Moderate violet
Skin Very light cerulean
Voiced by Skyla Andrea Dickson
Age Physically 18/19
Residence Numerous houses 14miles from the school
Singing voice Brittney Ackerman
Position Captain of all teams, responsible for adding more sports team
'Rainbow Dash' is a character and protagonist of the series, first appearing in the movie, 'Journey to Equestria'. She fools around and sometimes teases Derpy for being somewhat not smart. She is voiced by Skyla Andrea Dickson.

Depiction in the seriesEdit

Equestria Girls

640px-Human Rainbow Dash EG
'Rainbow Dash' is dubbed by some students as the class comedian, others as the "most awesome person in the world or in school". She is first intoduced at the beginning, she and Lightning Blast go through the portal and become the latest students at the school, 'Lightning Blast' being the 2nd latest, 'Rainbow Dash' being the first latest, she somewhat "became a jerk" when she showed a different personality toward the Mane 4 (Rainbow Dash was not there).

After Rainbow Dash, the others mistook the real Rainbow Dash for that one and scolded her. 'Rainbow Dash' and Rainbow Dash get into an argument after 'Rainbow Dash' bumps into the real one. 'Rainbow Dash' is suddenly questioned along with the real one by the Mane 4, they ask questions that the real Rainbow Dash would know, "Name the whole team from oldest to youngest.", truth to be told, the real Rainbow Dash wouldn't actually know that, but the the other one knew and then said, "Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie.", they choose the other one, but the other one asks the real one what her name is, and she answers Rainbow Dash. The other says maybe "she isn't the real Rainbow Dash" and then chooses the real one.

The Mane 4 understand and become friends with. She introduces the now Mane 5 to her friend, Lightning Blast. When Twilight comes, Rainbow Dash leaves, her reason for leaving is unknown, she is seen later at the soccer field, which the Mane 5, Lightning Blast take Twilight to, to meet 'Rainbow Dash'. The meeting becomes much like Twilight and Rainbow Dash's meeting, since she challenges Twilight to a 1-on-1 soccer game, but Rainbow Dash challenges 'her'. Afterwards, they agree to do something fun. Somehow, an event from the pony world's been re-enacted at the human world. Nightmare Moon has returned, the Mane 5, plus 'Rainbow Dash' and Lightning Blast figure this out and come to stop her, their elemental spirits turn them into their half-pony form.

Equestria Girls 2Edit

'Rainbow Dash' is interviewed by several students, they ask "How does it feel to be a hero?". 'Rainbow Dash' answers by saying she would always help her "fellow students"and they ask more questions. After the off-screen questions, 'Rainbow Dash' and Lightning Blast take a relaxation at the soccer field. A practice game is planned for 'Rainbow Dash' and Lightning Blast against two members of the Shadowcolts.  

'Rainbow Dash' starts to feel uncomfortable with all the students favors.

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