'Rainbowfied Fluttershy'
'Fluttershy' Rainbowfied
An artwork of the rainbowfied 'Rainbow Dash'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Same as the others
Hair Pale, light grayish rose, light ceruleanish gray, magentaish gray, light raspberryish gray, light amber
Skin Pale, light grayish gold
Voiced by Andrea Bernard
Age In(de)finite
Residence N/A
Singing voice N/A
Position N/A
'Rainbowfied Fluttershy' is the "rainbowfied" form of 'Fluttershy'.

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Cause of transformation: N/A
  • Power (s) Given: Stare increasion x5, flight speed increasion x10 (20.3 wingpower = 6.15151515x speed of sound), and possibly more...


Wings of KindnessEdit

More coming soon!