'Rainbowfied Pinkie Pie'
'Pinkie Pie' Rainbowfied
An artwork for 'Raianbowfied Rainbow Dash'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Same as the others (except RD)
Hair Light rose, light orange, pale light grayish orchid, light persian blue
Skin Light cerisish gray
Voiced by Brittney Lauda
Age In(de)finite
Residence N/A
Singing voice N/A
Position N/A
'Rainbowfied Pinkie Pie' is the "rainbowfied" form of 'Pinkie Pie'.

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Cause of transformation: N/A
  • Power (s) Given: Memory increasion x10, Pinkie Sense increasion x5, rainbow blasts, and possibly more..


Unbridled LaughterEdit

More coming soon..