'Rainbowfied Rainbow Dash'
'Rainbow Dash' Rainbowfied
An artwork of the rainbowfied Rainbow Dash'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Moderate brilliant red
Hair Same as her normal form, but sparkled
Skin Same as her normal form
Voiced by Skyla Andrea Dickson
Age In(de)finite
Residence N/A
Singing voice N/A
Position Unknown
 ", does anyone know what we're about to get onto??" - 'Rainbow Dash  'Rainbowfied Rainbow Dash' is the half-pony anthro, "rainbowfied" transformation. She is set to be 'Rainbow Dash's third most commonly used transformation. She moves most commonly with her eyes closed.

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Used on: 'Rainbow Dash'
  • Cause of transformation: N/A
  • Power(s) Given: Rainbow blasts, strength increase x5, speed increase x3, mind blasts, flight at high speed (x17 speed of light), rainbow sheilds, invincibility, improved vision, "sky skating", shoot light blasts, trail of flames in flight (sometimes, most of the time, rainbow)


True LoyaltyEdit

More coming soon!