Here is my update, from what I am going to do: 


Creation of Equestria Girls 3 and 4

This will be made momentarily, on June 14 or later, but before July. Well, I don't necessarily have the release and upcoming plot ready for 3, right now 3 is scheduled to be in the end of June, so I may have it ready by then or at least 3 days after the 30th of June. 4 will be released in December or if not, January through June 2015. The plot is partily ready, and I know you might say, "We want 3 first, you idiot. You have a plot for 4 and not 3? You fail at Wikia". I'm working on the plot now. If you're not patient, I may reschedule.

Finishing of the "Rainbowfied" forms

I know if anyone's on this wiki, you may be waiting for the pages to be finished, it won't take until December this year or January-June 2014. Until then, I may keep changing thought and put unofficial or different things every now and then, but I promise I will get this finished.

Creation of "Rainbowfied Lightning Blast"

This will more then likely be coming but I have to figure out a design first, powers, and other stuff.